Dr. Erlings Notes - Brand Development Project

This project was quite and undertaken and a great learning experience for our team. We had to implement a complete brand strategy. From conception and design to implementation and marketing. This was the real deal.

During our initial consultation meeting I was able to come up with her brand slogan below, and the excitement both her and Kurt demonstrated at the brand revel event made the entire process more rewarding for my team.

Music Empowerment Through Piano Lesson’s”

I particularly enjoyed working with Billie Raye and husband Kurt. It was our first time working with a true pioneer. Dr Erlings was one of the first women in the nation to hold the Doctor of Musical Arts degree, awarded by the University of Oregon in 1970, and it was an honor working with her.


Beyond the branding project, we have taking up Dr. Billie Raye as a client. We hope that our working relationship will yield more fruits of our labor.

Client: Dr. Erling’s Notes

Category: Branding & Social Media Engagement

Date:  Nov 2016

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