Brand Media Branding & Social Media Engagement Project

I have a personal relationship with Nick Brandt the owner and founder of Brant Media. A dynamic thinker and strong believer in innovation and technology. Nick’s approach to to problem solving, particularly with reference to anything media, made it easy for me to come up with the brand media slogan.

“We are all about MEDIA”


I remember when we first talked about his brand identity and creating a brand that captures the true essence of what “Brand Media” has been called to do in the media world, it was clear to me what his logo was going to be. As we talked further I was sketching his logo on a piece of paper, and you can see the original sketch in the photo gallery.

I work with Nick on multiple projects and he is always a joy to be be around, and his creative and cost effective ways of bringing projects to life make him a valuable asset to us at HTS Strategies.

Client: Brandt Media

Category: Branding & Social Media Engagement Project

Date:  Dec 2016

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